Regular white Long Grain rice is the preference for Chinese food. ‘Regular’ means the long grain rice has not been parboiled. The result is white Long Grain rice that is naturally sticky.
Did you know that the origin of the Long Grain rice served in Europe is never actually from China? Although China is the world’s #1 rice producer it has no exportable surplus. The Long Grain rice we consume in Europe may well have been grown in Italy, Spain, or even as far away as Thailand or the Americas.

A good Indian restaurant in Europe will typically choose basmati rice. Premium Basmati rice should have long slender grains with a unique aroma.

Fragrant Jasmine rice is the authentic rice for Thai food. Basmati and Thai Jasmine are the two aromatic rice varieties in the world. Thai Jasmine rice is always milled and consumed within a few months of being harvested. Sometimes you will see large bags of Thai Fragrant Rice labelled ‘New Crop’ because the younger the grains the better. With Basmati rice it is the exact opposite: Basmati is typically matured for a minimum of 6 months before it is milled, this is to ensure the grains are firm.
Thailand has up to three harvests a year and is the world’s largest rice exporter.